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Protect Your Investment!
Save BIG
on Retainers
and post-treatment care!

Following orthodontic treatment, a retainer is necessary to keep your teeth in their new positions and to protect your braces investment. Retainers keep teeth from drifting out of place once they have been properly aligned. Most patients must wear a retainer on a long-term basis after they’re done with their traditional braces or clear aligner treatment. That’s why the Smile4Less Dental Savings plan has added the Retainers4Less Program! It will help you protect your braces investment by keeping your new smile looking and feeling great while helping you save money!

to start
Full retainer care costs can be up to $1300, but with Retainers4Less, you pay only $399 (Includes $199 Membership fee + $200 Discounted Retainer Set).

You also receive a 2nd replacement retainer set for $200 if needed!


With Retainers4Less it’s quick, easy and signing up only takes a few minutes! Register online and immediately receive a link to download your membership card. Take it to any of our participating Retainers4Less providers and we will ensure that you get the quality care that you need for an amazing price. 

Calculate your savings!

Services Provided

Average Price

Your Price
with Retainers4Less

2 In-person Office Visits (Valued $125 per visit)

2 Virtual Check-Up Visits (Valued $125 per visit)

1st Full Set of Retainers

Retainer4Less Membership

Total Cost










Over $500 in Savings!

*Discounts shown are for current Orthodontic visit prices. Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service and geographic location. 

*Plan also provides for 1 set of replacement retainers for 50% off the original cost.

2 in-person Office visits (Valued at $125 per visit)
2 Virtual Check-Up visits (Valued at $125 per visit)
50% off the cost of a full set of retainers (Valued at $400)
and 50% off the 1st set of replacement retainers (Valued at $400)
Instead of paying $400 for one set of retainers, plus out-of-pocket for retainer check visits and replacements you can get your retainers for $200 (A 50% Savings), receive 2 included in-person & 2 virtual retainer check visits and also save big if replacements are needed.
Enrollment in the Retainers4Less pays for itself on your very first use and throughout your enrollment, you will continue to enjoy significant savings. 

Buy now to start saving immediately!

Ready to Purchase your Plan?

Purchase Retainers4Less 

Ready to buy your Retainers4Less Plan?

Protect your Braces Investment and save BIG on your retainers!

Only $199 Annually


Retainer Wear & Care Instructions

  • How long do I need to wear a retainer?
    Retainers are a lifetime commitment. It is the only way to prevent shifting and protect your braces investment.
  • Can you outgrow a retainer?
    Thankfully no. Retainers are designed for permanent teeth which allows the retainer to have a longer life span and need less adjustments if worn properly. If you experience any change in the fit of the retainer it is important to contact your treating orthodontist.
  • How long does a retainer last?
    Your retainer will be subject to care and the time it will last is largely determined on you care for your retainers. Clear aligners generally can last for 3-5 depending on the wear/care of the device. Some people may grind their teeth which can cause the retainer to have a shorter life span. If you have questions about your retainer wear and care please contact your treating orthodontist.
  • How do I store and care for my retainer.
    Retainers, when not in use should be safely stored in the retainer case which will come with the retainers. You can also purchase retainer cases if needed. It is important to avoid leading retainers in a hot car as this cfan cause them to warp or melt. For instructions on how to care for your retainer, please see our retainer wear and care video and follow these basic instructions: -Make sure your teeth are clean before wearing -Make sure to brush your teeth in the morning after overnight use -Gently brush your retainer using your toothbrush but do not use toothpaste on retainer. -Do not use hot water on your retainer. Please watch our Retainer Wear and Care video for more information.
  • What happens if I need dental work?
    Be sure to consult your treating Orthodontist as they will advise you on how to proceed with your retainer care before or after any dental treatment.
  • What if my teeth shift?
    If your teeth have shifted this may affect the fit of your retainer, which may become very tight or it may not fit at all. If your retainer fits snugly, it is commended that wear your retainer as directed so the teeth can realign. If you feel discomfort or are unable to fit your retainer, please contact your treating orthodontist for further evaluation.
  • What happens if I don't wear my retainer?
    If you do not properly wear your retainers, your teeth will shift. If you forget your retainer, make sure to get back to wearing it as directed as soon as possible and contact your treating Orthodontist for further instructions.
  • How do I order a replacement retainer?
    Simply contact your treating orthodontists office as soon as possible to ensure no delays in treatment and they will help you get your replacement set order and evaluate if new scans are needed.
  • When can I stop wearing my retainer?
    The truth is it is never good to stop wearing your retainer. Teeth are prone to relapse and we tend to experience a narrowing of our arches as we age which is why many people begin to experience dental crowding as they grow older. Retainers are a life-time commitment.
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